Simple VM Inventory

Quicky Another quicky to get all VMs from your hosts/cluster and display some basic information about them like CPU, memory, disk count and size. I can get it using Windows Admin Center or using PowerShell The output looks like this:


Hyper-V Cluster – Get Nodes Memory Usage

Why Similar as before (here) having information about your cluster nodes memory usage can be helpful. Especially when creating a bunch of new VMs. How I can get the information from Failover Cluster Manager (one node at a time): I can get it using Windows Admin Center or I can get it through PowerShell The … Continue reading Hyper-V Cluster – Get Nodes Memory Usage

Hyper-V Cluster – Get CSV Usage

Why My daily tasks include maintaining a few Hyper-V Clusters (and other Failover Clusters). All of them are using CSV (Cluster Shared Volumes) - whether it's 2012R2 cluster with SAN or 2016 with S2D. While in the middle of something (moving VMs, load balancing resources, creating new ones) I need the information of current utilization … Continue reading Hyper-V Cluster – Get CSV Usage

Privileged Users in Active Directory

Intro " 'Privileged' accounts and groups in Active Directory are those to which powerful rights, privileges, and permissions are granted that allow them to perform nearly any action in Active Directory and on domain-joined systems." (from Appendix B: Privileged Accounts and Groups in Active Directory ). If you're managing an Active Directory domain, you'd better … Continue reading Privileged Users in Active Directory