New Year – new challenges


New Year - new challenges With new Year 2019, I've decided to move my blog to GitHub and Jekyll. I've started with as it was quick and easy to get my first posts live. I didn't know back then if I'll be able to write regularly or if I'll like it. Now that I've … Continue reading New Year – new challenges


From SBS2008 to Office 365 and Windows 2019

Let me tell you a story... Once upon a time there was a junior admin with a lot of hopes, willingness to learn and full of joy. He did go on an adventure into Windows world. One path he took lead him to a kingdom called SBS. There were 2000 and 3 castles in that … Continue reading From SBS2008 to Office 365 and Windows 2019

Clean Azure AD Groups for Disabled Users

Root Cause Imagine you have on-premises Active Directory synced to AzureAD through ADConnect. You do not delete users during leave process. Those account are disabled cause of various reasons (Jira, I'm looking at you). Now you need to clean up any Office Online groups user belongs to, like Exchange Groups, Teams etc. How This is … Continue reading Clean Azure AD Groups for Disabled Users


A quicky Hyper-V clustered hosts. Storage of some VMs migrated from one host to another. On rare occasions migration failed. Reason is now irrelevant. But after this - there are some empty folders left on Clustered Shared Volumes: \\SomeHVHost\c$. ├───Planned Virtual Machines ├───Snapshots ├───Virtual Hard Disks └───Virtual Machines There are also other situation where there … Continue reading Get-EmptyFolder

AntiAffinity Groups in Failover Cluster. Part 4

AntiAffinity Part 1 covers some theory and GUI configuration. Part 2 focus on setting Preferred Owners with PowerShell. Part 3 explained logic behind Possible Owners in PowerShell function. Part 4 (this) will cover the last step - setting anti-affinity groups. Part 5 will describe reporting of current configuration in the cluster. Today is a quick … Continue reading AntiAffinity Groups in Failover Cluster. Part 4