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My day to day tasks include managing and maintaining a bunch of servers. Some of them are physical, most of them are virtual. They vary from simple, single task servers to multiple roles monsters. From AD domain controllers to line of business (LOB) applications beasts. They go in hundreds.

My task is to keep them at bay. I try.

Some call me weird. Some call me PureEvil. Some call me SysAdmin. Others call me a Wizard

Maintenance is not sexy. Repetitive tasks are not sexy. And I’m lazy. I hate repetitive tasks. I hate documenting. That is why I prefer to code instead of create Word documents.

I began my career journey with Windows and GUI. My first servers were Windows 2003. I’ve never learnt VBScript. I never got into it. Soon Windows 2008 showed up and PowerShell was introduced. I was amazed. I fell in love.

Years have passed. Castles to conquer changed. Princesses to rescue changed. But I remained lazy. Scripts were made to simplify and to automate things. No more repetetive tasks! Functions emerged from darkness. The underworld of .ps1 files had its time. A chaotic defense against an overwhelming enemy.

I’d like to share my journey with You – from the underworld to the castle with fair princess.