New Year – new challenges

New Year – new challenges

With new Year 2019, I’ve decided to move my blog to GitHub and Jekyll.

I’ve started with as it was quick and easy to get my first posts live. I didn’t know back then if I’ll be able to write regularly or if I’ll like it. Now that I’ve finally started writing more often, time has come to re-think. There are few reasons behind this:

  • I want my own domain
  • I don’t want to bloat my posts with ads.
  • I want layout to be clear and simple
  • I want to learn markdown
  • I hate mobile experience from (not inserting gists properly)

After reading a few great posts

I tried with a few themes, but Minimal Mistakes seems to be the best for my purpose. Although it may seem complicated at first, it allows for a lot. My favourite being image embedding.

I’ve decided I will give it a go. So here I am. There is still a lot of work and learning to be done. I’m new to css, classes and all this jazz so if You’ll see any bugs or glitches – let me know.

I will move all the content from my current blog eventually! So VSCode help me! For now, all new content will be published here –



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