Long absence

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Most of this is beacuse I was preparing my talks for PSConfEU and other events lately.

Besides our regular PPoSh Meetups (which you can find here) I was invited to give a talk for SysOps DevOps Polska about Checklists and how it can be sexy. It was a great experience. I really recommend their meetups. If you’re interested, a recording can be found here. Pawel Jarosz was there too with a tough subject – Windows 2016 and Hyper-converged cluster – more information on his blog.

A few words about PSConfEU

I was attending PSConfEU conference both in 2016 and 2017 and boy, this is the greatest conference one can imagine. Not only about PowerShell – it spans across many areas of interests. For me – this is the most welcome community of heartful people I’ve ever met. No matter their skill level – they’re willing to sit down with you for a while and help you with a problem. You can approach them during the event in Zoo and have a chat about literally anything. There are so many great people there that if I would like to mention them here – I would just have to rewrite list of all the speakers and attendees.

In 2016 I was there with 4 of my co-workers. When we met Jeffrey Snover something clicked.

After the first conference, at the end of 2016 I’ve sent my two talks, hoping that I will have the privilege to go there as a speaker. Well, I wasn’t amongst the speakers. I went there as a delegate and it was even better than in 2016.

(here our trio with an amazing Aleksandar Nikolić)

Together with Tomasz Dabrowski and Pawel Jarosz helped by amazing Kasia Pieter – we’ve started Polish PowerShell User Group. We had our first meetups just before PSConf 2017. When we’ve captured Jeffrey Snover to make a selfie – we hoped that maybe someday he will come visit our small group in Poland.

Well, I’ve tried sending my talks again in 2017. I’m a stubborn person. To my surprise, some Friday afternoon I’ve received an email from Tobias saying – I am invited as a speaker. My two talks – OVF and Release Pipeline – were accepted.

Seems this was a magical point – shortly after this, I was invited to mentioned earlier SysOps DevOps meetup. We were invited to GeekWeekWro as a PPoShGroup and decided we do a Release Pipeline talk together with Tomasz Dabrowski. That was a very good meetup. Lots of great conversations followed.

We’re prepping for PSDay.PL – stay tuned! In the meantime, Jeffrey Snover himself asks us if we have any local user group he could visit. Well after a few tweets – I was very happy to hear that Jeffrey will come to Wroclaw shortly after PS Conf EU 2018. More details here. As a follow up, we’re also in Warsaw with PEPUG – right before Microsoft Tech Summit.

Back to PSConfEU

I am totaly freaked out, nervous yet determined to deliver two talks:

OVF – getting fun from boring tasks- Remote testing, monitoring and reporting the state of your infrastructure can be automated!


Release Pipeline – the PPoSh Modules Story – How an average Ops can benefit from mysterious Release Pipeline.

Tomek agreed to do the second talk again with me.

Fingers crossed

Keep your fingers crossed that I won’t screw it up! 🙂

See you at the Best Conference in the World!


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